USB Custom Flash Drives Recommendation

USB Memory Direct Custom Flash Drive

Tonya Malay Photography Custom Flash Drive

If you are looking for a wholesale USB custom flash drives recommendation, you have come to the right place! I am very excited to announce my partnership with USB Memory Direct to provide my new USB custom flash drives. Their pricing and wholesale minimum are both very reasonable.


Professional and custom drives truly add another level of professionalism to my business, which is extremely important in today’s competitive market. In addition to including digital delivery of my wedding, portrait, and event images, I also offer flash drives to my clients as a way to preserve and store their photos.


I can’t stress the importance of backing up your important photos and documents in a location other than your computer or laptop. Everyone should really take the time to make sure that they have all of their important files in either a cloud, external hard drive, or flash drive.


Whether you are a photographer, or work for a company in the market for wholesale USB custom flash drives, I highly recommend USB Memory Direct. I’ve had a great experience working with them and their quality and service are absolutely stellar.


I have personally chosen to use their SWM custom flash drives, but they have a very wide selection of options to choose from so be sure to view their portfolio. In addition to offering several different styles of traditional flash drives, they also offer wooden USB flash drives, USB business cards, USB wrist bands, executive USB pens, and leather USB drives. They also have a wonderful variety of packaging materials including 3 styles of wooden boxes, 4 styles of tin boxes, velvet pouches, magnetic cases, paper boxes, and paper displays.


They were able to incorporate not only my custom business logo, but were also able to perfectly match the body of the flash drives to my signature pink!